Is my product under warranty?

Did you purchase the computer from us? Is your computer less than one year old? Did you purchase AppleCare?

If your computer was purchased from us we offer a 90 day parts and labour warranty.

Check here to see if your device is under any Apple warranty by entering your serial number which can be found on your device (usually on the bottom) or under “About” section of your device.

Even if you are no longer covered under warranty, hardware issues with your device may still be covered by a Exchange or Repair Extension Program from Apple. Please check here to see if any of your Apple devices are covered under the current programs.

What does my AppleCare cover?

There are two different kinds of AppleCare available for Apple devices which are AppleCare Protection Plan and AppleCare+.

The difference between the two types is:

AppleCare Protection Plan covers any hardware failures on your device from regular use but does not cover accidental damage.

AppleCare+ give 3 years of Apple-certified service and support, 24/7 priority access to Apple experts . and additionally covers accidental damage for  with incidents and battery service coverage.

I just spilled liquid on my device! What should I do?

This is a question that we get frequently and the answer is always the same.

1. Ensure your device is off completely with no power going to the device from the charger.

2. Bring the device in as soon as possible to get checked internally.

3. If you are unable to bring in your device right away DO NOT attempt to power it up and keep it in a dry environment.

4. Do not put it in rice. While rice can absorb liquid it can also damage internal components of your device.

What program can I download to protect me from malware?

1. There is no program available that will prevent malware.

2. Do not buy any programs that say they will prevent malware as there is no program that removes malware.

3. If you believe you have malware please bring the computer to our store. No appointment necessary.

4. Our technicians will do a full scan for malware software and remove all malicious software.

5. You receive your computer back free of malware ready to enjoy again.