Matias PBT Mouse (Black) USB C Connection


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The Matias Wired PBT Mouse features a premium type of plastic called PBT, which feels better to the touch, and doesn’t yellow over time like the cheaper ABS plastic used in most other mice.

The higher quality materials extend to the scroll wheel and top button as well, as they are made of aluminum.

Inside is premium grade hardware, including OMRON switches and a TTC encoder, for a great mouse experience.

Matias designs its own firmware, and has built tight integration into the Mac OS, enabling the mouse to be controlled and customized with the Mac OS mouse system settings, similar to the Apple mouse, as opposed to having to install software or custom drivers. Windows and other operating systems also do not need software or drivers to install. Not only does this make operating and customizing the mouse easier, it also means a more secure technology environment, ideal for businesses, governments, and schools.

There are 4 mouse buttons (left, right, scroll wheel, and top button). The mouse has a fixed, hardwired USB cable (39″ / 1m) with a USB-Cconnection, ideal for plugging into the USB-C hub ports on many Matias keyboards or Macs. For people who want USB-A we also sell a pure USB-A version of this mouse, which is listed separately

This mouse has a 2 year warranty.