MEEM Charge and Backup 64GB


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MEEM completely changes the way you backup your smartphone.

It offers a simple, secure convenient solution by backing up your phone securely while you charge.

With the cable there’s no risk of hackers getting your data or worrying about monthly fees MEEM works by automatically backing up your phone to the cable’s built-in memory every time you charge your phone.

The free MEEM app syncs with the cable and lets you select exactly what categories you want to backup.

MEEM is designed to make your life simple and give you peace of mind by knowing that your memories are backed up and under your control on the cable.

MEEM also lets you free up space on your phone by saving data to the cable and deleting it from your phone, so there are no moments missed.

You can view all your saved items individually in app and share them with friends or on social media.